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Wednesday 28th February 2018

James Reckitt Reading Room, Central Library, Albion Street, Hull, HU1 3TF


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Lucy Nichol reading and in conversation with Dave Windass

From a young age, Lucy Nichol has always been on edge. Whether it’s because of her fear of beards, a general sense that she can catch a disease from anything, or the belief that she’s going to throw up at any given moment, she’s never really felt safe. Stigmata? Never happened to her. But she's always had that faint fear that it might ...

In A Series of Unfortunate Stereotypes, Lucy explores the different lenses through which she – and other people – have viewed mental health problems and developed the stereotypes which keep mentally ill people at arm's length.  Shaped by the music and films we've loved, haven't we all been wary of narcissists, hypochondriacs, bunny boilers and psychos?

Single White Female, The Shining and Fatal Attraction have a lot to answer for.

Through therapy and self-reflection, Lucy also addresses her own past and personality in trying to find the root cause of – or answers to – her Generalised Anxiety Disorder. She looks back with affection at her young self growing up in East Yorkshire, wanting to be edgy like Courtney Love or The Prodigy. But for someone secretly juggling anxiety and panic attacks, combining Red Bull, speed, black sugary coffee, nicotine and alcohol just created the wrong kind of edge.

After writing a blog post about her journey and sharing it with her friends and family, Lucy realised that she wasn’t alone in feeling this way. And so she began to talk more about her experience, eventually becoming a columnist in Sarah Millican’s magazine Standard Issue. In writing about her life in such an open way, Lucy has been able to claw herself back from the grips of her anxiety, and is now a dedicated writer and mental health campaigner.

In addition to her work with Standard Issue she has written for The Independent, The I Paper, Metro, Huffington Post, The Mighty and All Mad Here. She is passionate about challenging mental health stigma and, as such, is a Time to Change volunteer who has appeared on the Victoria Derbyshire Show, Woman's Hour and many regional programmes. Lucy has worked in PR and marketing for over 15 years and manages media activity for national charity Home Group. She is married to actor Chris Connel, has a stepson, and lives in Newcastle.

Lucy has gained support from leading mental health campaigners, including actress and writer Denise Welch, who said: "I love Lucy's writing. As an avid reader of her witty and passionate blog, I'm thrilled she has a book out. She takes the subject of mental illness, from which she herself suffers, and takes the fear out of it. It's an insightful and incredibly accurate account of living with mental illness and the stigma that surrounds it, written with humour and intelligence." 

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