Next Head in a Book Event

Wednesday 25th May 2016

James Reckitt Reading Room, Central Library, Albion Street, Hull, HU1 3TF


Free Entry

Nicholas Lezard

Nicholas Lezard has a weekly column, “Nicholas Lezard’s Choice”, reviewing paperback books for the Guardian. He also writes for the Independent, as well as the “Down and Out in London” column for the New Statesman. His book “The Nolympics: One Man's Struggle Against Sporting Hysteria” was described as “the perfect antidote to Olympics Fever”. Lezard also wrote the memoir, “Bitter Experience Has Taught Me”, following an enforced expulsion from his family home and onto the couch of a golden-hearted psychopath named Razors. “Bitter Experience …” is a cautionary tale of alcohol, love and nocturnal revelry on a budget, a timely warning to all feckless male dolts everywhere 

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